MullenLowe Group China and Carlsberg Celebrate Better Places to Gather for Chinese New Year

What you can do to celebrate Chinese New Year? While there are plenty of options, CNY is all about sharing good times with family and friends – And MullenLowe Group China is making this the focus for Carlsberg’s CNY 2018 campaign, that was launched recently.

The 30-second clip tells of a story about a group of friends, discussing what could be the “better place” to gather for CNY. Each member of the group suggests different restaurants, bars, KTV and ultimately, they all celebrate CNY together.

This is a simple story but is based on the true insight of consumer behaviour during this festive period. This copy has been quantitatively tested and has scored top box results in the testing.

“CNY can be celebrated in many ways and we are showcasing that the ‘better celebrations’ happen wherever you, your friends and Carlsberg are together,” said Priya Sharma, Marketing Director for Carlsberg China.

“The Carlsberg CNY campaign is a perfect example of the kind of branding communications that we excel at,” said Richard Tan, CEO of MullenLowe Group China. “We deliver creative campaigns based on real consumer insight to consistently strike a chord with Chinese audiences.”

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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