Nation Amplifies Grolsch’s Canvas Platform for Partnership with Denham

Grolsch_Denham_MagAssets_01-01_LeadingImageNation, the London-based digital and creative agency is working with leading beer brand, Grolsch and Dutch Jean specialist, Denham on a global digital activation to celebrate skill, craft and ‘unconventional’ thinking.

Nation, Grolsch’s digital agency since July 2015, has been brought on board to execute the creative concept and launch the global activation on Groslch’s branded editorial platform, ‘Canvas’ and its social channels.

The campaign centres around seven hand picked artisans, who all encompass the skill and heritage of traditional crafts and own an unconventional and forward thinking approach. Over the course of six months, the artists were profiled and their work will be showcased at a live exhibition in Amsterdam later this spring.

Nation, who are responsible for leading Grolsch’s online content strategy and global brand collaborations, oversaw the production of eight, art focused films that act as a portrait of the artisans, documenting their approach to their craft. Emerging Dutch portrait photographer and artist, Marc Haers collaborated on the project to shoot each artist, capturing a passage of time across the faces and jeans of these Amsterdam craftspeople. The editorial videos have now rolled out across Canvas, and Grolsch and Denham social platforms.

Grolsch_Denham_MagAssets_02-01_BTS_HashtagAnother key execution to the campaign is a competition whereby Nation will leverage Grolsch’s global network to engage key influencers within the Amsterdam creative community and globally to take part in the competition to inspire and champion local creative and urban talent. Grolsch will invite participants to upload images of their craft and communicate the unconventional approach to Instagram for a chance to win prize.

Nation will provide full support of all territories, manage all campaign assets, roll-out and toolkits for each market to engage at whichever level they choose.

Tom Kile-Hartshorn, Founding Partner and Creative Director at Nation, says; “It’s a really interesting outlet for cultural content throughout the world, cheerleading and endorsing innovators, tastemakers and forward thinkers.”

Grolsch_Denham_MagAssets_03-01_VidStill_01Silene Tordino, Global Marketing Manager at Grolsch, says; “The CANVAS by Grolsch platform provides a way for us to express our ‘Unconventional by Tradition’ brand culture as it aims to inspire creativity and encourages artists to challenge conventions which are important aspects of the brand’s ethos epitomized by the iconic Grolsch swingtop. With CANVAS we want to build and sustain an open-minded creative community by co-creating and showcasing the latest in creative innovation. Nation has been a fundamental partner in shaping Grolsch’s digital strategy and campaign activations.”

The collaboration with Denham, known for its craftsmanship and experimental looks, demonstrates a shared brand synergy with the Grolsch Dutch Master brewer and many other people involved in brewing Grolsch. The campaign will further reinforce the Canvas platform, aimed at urban creatives from around the globe as a digital hub that facilitates and champions ‘unconventional’ craft, art and collaborations. Further strengthening Groslch’s position within the market as the premium brand for beer drinkers.

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