New Crisp and Dip Concept Comes to Soho in London

logo-rectangleLaunching on Old Compton Street in late October 2016, HIPCHIPS is setting out to reinvent the potato crisp and bring an entirely new eating concept to Soho.

Freshly cooked and served straight to diners on a conveyor belt, HIPCHIPS pairs hand-made potato crisps with a diverse range of delicious savoury and sweet fresh dips. Creating new flavour combinations and a novel approach to sharing, HIPCHIPS, will transform the way Londoners consume this everyday British classic.

HIPCHIPS was born out of an ambition to create the best tasting crisps in the world. Run by head chef Scott Davis who has spent the last two years developing the concept in his kitchen and Co-founder David Morris, whose aim has been to secure the most exciting location for the venue, HIPCHIPS treats the humble potato crisp with the same care and attention usually reserved for fine dining.

Hand crafted and cooked in front of guests, HIPCHIPS uses five heritage and vintage potato varieties to make its crisps. Grown in the North Of England, each potato used by HIPCHIPS has its own unique natural colour and flavour, resulting in a range of vibrant, delicious and distinctive crisps.

ct7fvicxgaakwjkScott Davis (Providores, Mirabelle, Fifty St James) has used his vast knowledge and experience of diverse culinary styles and flavours to create a unique menu of dips that are influenced by classic British pairings and international flavours. From Katsu curry and Baba Ganoush to Moroccan Yoghurt and pickled onion cheese fondue, these moreish dips are all made from the finest seasonal ingredients, and designed to mix, match and share with friends.

While many of us Brits wouldn’t dream of combining potatoes with dessert, Davis’s innovative menu offers up a variety of sweet dip options and with it, a novel experience for the taste buds. HIPCHIPS crisps are dusted with cinnamon sugar instead of salt and perfectly matched with classic ‘pudding dips’ such as rhubarb & custard, S’mores & chocolate and salted caramel dip combinations.

“I’ve taken my inspiration for the sweet crisps from doughnuts by sprinkling the them with cinnamon sugar as soon as they come out of the fryer. These with the dips really form a classic pairing, which we will change weekly and seasonally “

The potatoes used for HIPCHIPS crisps include:

  • Highland Burgundy 1936 – Deep red flesh, firm to the bite potato with a deep crunch.
  • Salad Blue 1900 – Skin and flesh are both a deep strong blue with a delicate flavour
  • Shetland Black 1923 – Yellow flesh blue vascular rings, an earthy potato with a flowery texture.

Examples from the dip menu (priced from £4.50) include:

  • Peruvian Ceviche (V)- Chunky tomato, lime, coriander, red onion and plenty of chilli
  • Smokey Cheese Fondue Picked Red Onion (V)- Smokey, rich, sweet and acidic
  • Beetroot & Lemongrass Marmalade (V) – A blend of beetroot, lemongrass and Vietnamese salty caramel, best eaten with crème fraiche
  • Chocolate Nutella with praline & crème fraiche mousse
  • Chocolate Salty Caramel
  • Cheesecake

cubmqa4wiaa6vt2Crisps and dips go hand in hand with beer and wine, and HIPCHIPS have matched the food with a carefully curated selection of craft beers, wines and soft drinks. The Soho venue is the perfect spot to hang out and share food in a friendly environment, and late night hours means that hungry Soho revellers can enjoy crisps and dip until late.

It also offers all of its crisps and dips to take away. Served in specially designed boxes, HIPCHIPS make the ideal party addition, office sharing platter, or accompaniment to a night in with the latest boxset.


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