New Research Highlights Gin Buying Habits of British People

A recent survey conducted on more than 500 British adults has revealed how frequently the nation enjoys a glass of gin, their favourite gin brand and preferred choice of garnish.

The research, carried out ahead of World Gin Day on 9th June 2018, has found that Edinburgh Gin is the most popular choice of gin brand, closely followed by Hendricks, Brockmans and Gordon’s.

Commissioned by national events firm The Gin Fayre, the study has also found that 77% of people consider gin a primary choice of alcoholic beverage and one in sixteen people drink gin on a daily basis.

The statistics may come as no surprise considering the UK’s renewed passion for all things gin in the last few years. There are now 315 distilleries in Britain – more than double the figure five years ago.
The research has also highlighted that gender, age, salary and living situation does not affect whether or not a person is more likely to drink gin. Yet location does, with 70% of people more likely to drink gin at home rather than in a bar, night club or restaurant.

Of those quizzed, two in five said that gin is worth paying more for and more than half stated that they viewed gin a sociable drink.

Interestingly, the study also showed that people aged under 25 years are more likely to drink gin out of a highball glass and over 50’s would rather opt for a Copa de Balon. Those aged 25 to 50 years, felt that the type of glass did not affect their gin drinking experience.

The Gin Fayre, which launched in Scotland in 2017, allows visitors to enjoy a selection of the finest distilleries from across the world, alongside masterclasses, cocktails, goody bags and free samples.
The firm has held nine sell-out events across the UK and has added a further seven throughout 2018.

Founder and managing director of The Gin Fayre, Jasmine Wheelhouse commented: “There is no denying that gin is undergoing a huge revival; it’s such a flexible drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways and the simplicity of its production, is what makes it such a popular choice of alcoholic beverage.vOur research has made it clear that the gin surge we’re experiencing is showing no sign of slowing down. Once known as ‘mother’s ruin’, gin is now a beverage enjoyed by all ages, genders and social backgrounds. The research has helped us to get into the mindset of our customers and understand their gin buying habits so that we can continue to deliver exciting gin events up and down the country.”

Source: The Gin Fayre

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