New Sleek Can Revealed As Latest Format In Cubanisto Range

Cubanisto Can_2015_2Cubanisto, the rum flavoured beer from AB InBev, has added a new sleek can to its range, building on the brand’s premium and innovative offering within the market and capitalising on the resurgence of the can across on-trade.

Featuring a disruptive design with the brand’s logo taking centre stage, the new 330ml can is lighter, more durable and chills faster than its bottled counterparts.

Sunny Bhurji, Head of Trade Marketing at AB InBev, said: “Cubanisto’s new packaging format allows us to enter a new remit of events and night time occasions. The can’s attractive and disruptive design will help give Cubanisto a competitive edge on-shelf. The format will enable easy stocking for on-trade retailers, whilst providing a product that also chills faster.”

Convenience and practicality has led to the ergonomic design, allowing for easier stocking and more fridge space. The aluminium vessel also helps reduce exposure to both oxygen and light – two of the biggest problems for Beer and Cider stockists.

Available to order from mid-May from selected wholesalers, the format provides Cubanisto and on-trade retailers the opportunity to drive Cubanisto distribution by increasing stand-out in fridge.

The new can also unlocks a variety of new social opportunities that reach Cubanisto’s target market. From outdoor bars, to festivals and nightclubs, the new can allows Cubanisto to feature where glass bottles are not always accepted.

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