New Wholesums Healthy Snack Launch Across UK

Snack lovers who crave a crispy treat without the guilt can now ‘veg out and dig in’ to an exciting new range of air-popped whole vegetable chips created by a family of Perthshire farmers. 

The new Wholesums range, launched this month, has been developed by the Taylor family who are behind Mackie’s at Taypack. Wholesums’ point of difference from other popped snacks is that they are made with 45% of whole fresh carrots, peas and potatoes, which are gently baked – not fried – and ‘popped’ to ensure their natural flavours and farm goodness are locked in. 

There are four deliciously fresh varieties – classic Salt of the Earth and Splash of Salt & Vinegar, and for snack fans who crave a flavour kick, Whole Lot of Smokey BBQ and Softly Sweet Chilli.  

At less than 87 calories per 22g bag and packed with veggie-based protein and fibre, Wholesums are set to become the perfect ‘guilt-free’ pre or post-workout, after-school or anytime snack – especially good news for parent’s keen to keep their little ones on the right track. 

What makes Wholesums really stand out is the 45% whole vegetable content versus many other leading ‘veggie-based’ snacks, which contain a mere 1% of vegetable with added powders, flour and starches combinations to bulk them up. 

Mackie’s at Taypack’s unique method of pulping and gently baking the chips until they pop – instead of high temperature cooking or frying – means the veggies’ delicious flavour shines through. 

This ‘waste not, want not’ approach means the whole vegetable, from the carrot stalks to the potato skins, are used. Even better, that high vegetable content means Wholesums ensures more flavour and less oil so they only contain 6% Fat 

The Taylor family still have their roots in farming and have farmed in Perthshire for more than 90 years. Previously one of the largest fresh potato producers in the UK the family turned their attention to potato crisp manufacturing ten years ago. Wholesums is the latest addition to the range and it is targeting the increasing demand for healthy snacking options for all age groups that combine goodness with natural flavour and no artificial ingredients. 

Mackie’s are set to make a substantial investment in their production facility at Errol, Perthshire which will include the installation of new cooking technology that will completely transform the way heathy snacks are produced. Mackie’s have been working with the equipment manufacturers for the past year and they are confident they have now perfected the process, which will remain top secret and unique to them.

Mackie’s is relatively small compared to some of the UK snacking giants. However, the business is passionate about the products it makes and they punch well above their weight when it comes to product innovation. The ongoing investment plans also include the development of a laboratory that will be dedicated to the research and development into healthy snacking products.

Commenting on the launch, James Taylor, fourth generation of the Taylor family and commercial director at Mackie’s of Taypack, said: “We recognised a gap in the market for a really wholesome vegetable-based snack rooted in farm goodness and responded to the demands for a snack with built in goodness from the ground up with no artificial additives and un-compromised, real vegetable flavour. Wholesums is an innovative and unique new air-popped vegetable snack that’s packed with good protein and fibre and has fewer calories and less saturated fat than many other related products in the market.”

James continued: “Childhood obesity is one of the greatest challenges facing our society. The Government has a robust child obesity plan in place but there are further regulatory measures and restrictions planned that will affect the food industry. Everyone’s concerned about childhood obesity rates but most of us want to eat that little bit healthier without sacrificing the things we really love. We are delighted with the response from the industry with listings across the UK already secured and are looking to invest further in the product line. We have secured funding, which will support manufacturing plans and expansion of the range with multi-pack and sharing bags as well as further flavour launches introduced this year.”

Wholesums is listed in 96 Sainsbury’s Local stores across the UK retailing at 95p per 22g bag and on LNER East Coast Line trains as well as selected independents. Further independent listings and catering outlets will stock Wholesums from Spring 2019 with a promotional campaign undertaken to stimulate sampling, raise awareness and incentivise trial.

Source: Wholesums

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