Newcastle Brown Ale Reassures New Fans They’re Not Idiots for Just Now Becoming Fans

Newcastle Brown Ale is fighting a common misconception about its famous British beer in a video campaign that finds the brewer reassuring its new fans that they’re not idiots.

The video titled “Misconceptions,” created by creative agency Droga5, debuted here. It features several new-to-Newcastle beer drinkers learning that everything they thought about the beer was dead wrong — specifically, that its flavour was anything less than wonderfully pleasant and smooth.

The brewer aims to dispel a surprisingly common misconception, reminding beer drinkers that despite its rich, dark color, Newcastle Brown Ale is by no means heavy or bitter. In recognizing the error of their ways, the Newcastle drinkers in the video are intentionally, humorously over the top in conveying one very simple message: Newcastle is better than you thought.

10849996_988535317845312_6346082344688387653_n“We’ve found that because of Newcastle’s full, brown colour, people sometimes think that it’s a heavy beer,” says Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “But they couldn’t be more wrong! Yes, it is full-bodied, but it’s also very smooth and refreshing. We made a video that helps bring that to life in a completely unsubtle, fun, Newcastle sort of way.”

The Newcastle summer program will be supported with instant redeemable coupons and mail-in rebates (where legal) that encourage fans to swap out their traditional summer-party beers for Newcastle’s classic Brown Ale. Find those and more on the “Savings” page at

Newcastle also is reviving its “Independence Eve” holiday for a third year. Since most Americans will take the day off on Friday, July 3, to celebrate Independence Day, the British brewer is shamelessly telling Americans “No work on July 3rd — you’re welcome!” — a result of Britain losing the Revolutionary War.

Fans who share an Instagram video thanking Newcastle for having Independence Eve off will be entered for a chance to win an exclusive trip to London.

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