Newcastle Introduces Limited-Edition Cabbie Black Ale

NBA_Cabbie_StraightJust in time for the holidays, Newcastle is introducing a new limited-edition brew that will have fans calling for a Cabbie in more ways than one.

Beginning this month, beer drinkers can hail a Newcastle Cabbie Black Ale in bars and liquor stores nationwide. Cabbie is a deep, dark black ale with a soft hoppy aroma and subtle fruit notes that lead to bittersweet tastes of chocolate and coffee. While some black ales might be reminiscent of engine oil, Newcastle Cabbie is a smooth, tasty black brew with 4.2 percent alcohol by volume and 25 International Bittering Units.

Newcastle encourages Cabbie drinkers to enjoy the product to its fullest, which includes drinking in moderation and always getting a safe ride home. So much so, in fact, that Newcastle and Taxi Magic have joined forces to give beer drinkers 21 and older an incentive to help them reach their destination safely at the end of the night.

Taxi Magic, the nation’s leading taxi app, is available for Android and iPhone and operates in more than 60 cities. In cities where Taxi Magic rides are available, Newcastle Cabbie point-of-sale displays will feature a promo code that rewards consumers with a $5 credit toward a cab fare booked through the app.

Where Taxi Magic ride booking isn’t yet available, consumers can send a text message to enter for the chance to win free cab rides home for one year. Together, both companies will distribute more than $1 million in free cab fares around the United States throughout the holiday season.

“We’re not exactly pioneers in declaring drinking and driving to be utter bollocks, but we’re proud of the fact that we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering people a tangible incentive to enjoy our product safely,” said Brett Steen, brand manager, Newcastle Brown Ale. “Our work with Taxi Magic is a great way to combine responsibility and moderation with Newcastle drinkers’ quest to enjoy living life to the fullest.”

Cabbie_Home_ScreenThis Newcastle Cabbie and Taxi Magic initiative marks the Newcastle brand’s first fully integrated responsible consumption program for consumers, a natural extension of the partnership between Heineken USA and Taxi Magic that started in March 2010.

“With mobile technology, hailing a nearby taxi driver and even paying your cab fare is easier than ever. We take the bollocks out of taking a cab, if you will,” said Jay McClary, vice president of marketing at Taxi Magic. “Taxi Magic provides you a convenient, hassle-free, safe ride home that arrives in minutes, so you and your friends can get back to enjoying your Newcastle Cabbie.”

The launch of Newcastle Cabbie and its social responsibility partnership with Taxi Magic will be supported by a national digital campaign, extensive social media promotion and sampling (where legal).

Newcastle Cabbie will be priced comparably to Newcastle Brown Ale and available nationally from November 2013 through March 2014 in 6-packs and 12-packs, at retail and on tap for on-premise accounts in most major markets.

Like Newcastle Brown Ale, Newcastle Cabbie is brewed and bottled in the United Kingdom, and its label and packaging feature a London-style black taxi cab. Beer drinkers will notice a similar black cab featured on Newcastle Cabbie tap handles at their favorite bars and pubs starting this month.

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