Onfire Design Brands New Manuka Honey for New Zealand and Asia Retail

Less is more. A cliché that is used all to often. But in today’s world of fast moving consumer goods, brands sacrifice quality for quantity. Honey is one such food type, often mass produced in bulk to meet demand, blended with varieties from numerous regions which dilutes the true provenance, character and flavour of the core ingredient. Manuka Emporium is a new honey brand challenging this mentality.

Working with a select group of today’s apiarists in New Zealand, Manuka Emporium were inspired by the attitude, persistence and honey making philosophies of those who have come before and focused on delivering a product that is truly special in the market. The beekeepers from yesteryear harvested and sold pure single source honey to their local general stores which was then bottled and labelled by the shopkeeper. Simple, honest and true.

The brief for Kiwi design agency Onfire Design Ltd, was to create a superior brand that echoed the values of these skills and create an compelling visual language that would appeal to the discerning consumer looking for that special item for a social occasion or gifting.

Inspired by the authenticity, opulent decoration and typographic crafting of premium liquor brands that can be discovered in old whisky lounges and bars, the brand exudes the charm and character of a Victorian era shop. Product details were added with the Beekeepers Selection label, proudly displaying vintage, season, style, flavour notes and the apiarists signature.

Copper foiling, red stamps, different colour labels denoting MGO strength and a unique bee motif add premium cues to the quality of the product. The Beekeepers Selection is the purest of foods, gifted by nature.

Manuka Emporium is launching into New Zealand retail with MGO 100+ and 300+ variants. With retail in Asia to follow shortly.

Source: Onfire Design Ltd

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