Pearlfisher Teams with Artists to Create the 2018 Jameson Limited Edition St Patrick’s Day Bottle

Jameson and Pearlfisher London have collaborated with 3 well-respected artists – Claudine O’Sullivan, Alex Mellon and Leonn Ward – to create the much-anticipated, annual Jameson limited edition St Patrick’s Day bottle.

Now in its 7th consecutive year, Jameson is known for collaborating with a different artist each year to create its unique and eclectic limited edition bottle to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. For the 2018 St Patrick’s Day bottle, Pearlfisher wanted to bring to Jameson’s value of coming together, in a way that would resonate and forge a sense of connection with people on a more global level.

Having previously worked exclusively with a singular, Dublin based artist for each bottle design, Pearlfisher collaborated with a group of artists to bring the idea of togetherness to life through both the design process and its execution. They initially appointed London-based, Irish illustrator, Claudine O’Sullivan, who, in turn, selected two of her creative friends– graphic artist Alex Mellon, known for his distinctive character designs, and popular director and photographer, Leonn Ward – to complete the collaboration.

The design is inspired by the Irish folk story, Heroes Unite. In the story, three friends set out on an incredible journey, as they head off to war the appearance of an eagle provides them with the shields and swords they need to stand united and face whatever comes their way.

“This year’s bottle brings to life the adventure of Heroes Unite in a literal and modern representation, to tell the story of a group of lads on a night out to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The story begins at the bottom of the bottle and, as the night goes on, progresses upwards; pulling in elements of the folk story, through the illustration and graphics, as it transcends to the dominance of the eagle at the top,” explained Jon Vallance, Pearlfisher’s Associate Creative Director.

“Working with three different artists has given a whole new dimension to this year’s bottle. The beautifully hand-drawn eagle by Claudine, Alex’s distinctive icons and stunning photography by Leon, perfectly showcase the individual talent of each of the 3 artists, while boldly and figuratively opening out the interpretation of the story, its message and meaning through the seamless coming together of three very different styles.”

Illustrator, Claudine O’Sullivan added, “This has been an exciting and dynamic project to work on. Hopefully the sense of enjoyment we had working together shines through in the design. Collaboration has been the essence of how we have creatively crafted this story of togetherness.”

Simon Fay, International Marketing Director at Irish Distillers, added: “Dublin has long been a city of artists, adventurers and friends, so for Jameson’s 2018 limited edition bottle we collaborated with three artists with different creative backgrounds to celebrate true friendship. St. Patrick’s Day is Jameson’s second Christmas and is synonymous with great friends getting together, so we are confident that our new seasonal release will encourage modern day adventurers to enjoy Jameson together during their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.”

The seventh limited edition St Patrick’s Day Jameson bottle design is now available in markets including Ireland and Russia at an RRP of €30.

Source: Pearlfisher

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