Pizza Hut Delivery is On a Mission to Dominate Domino’s Deals

Pizza Hut Delivery, in collaboration with creative agency Iris, have launched the ‘Deal Jacker’, a dedicated AR app that can spot any Domino’s offer and transform them into even greater Pizza Hut Delivery deals.

The pizza delivery chain is going head-to-head with their biggest rival, to take a bigger slice of the action – showing that any deal Domino’s can do, Pizza Hut Delivery can do better!

Pizza lovers can use their phone’s camera to scan over Domino’s deals, the AR technology will then replace those Domino’s offers with better value, better tasting deals from Pizza Hut Delivery. Easy as pizza pie! And, if by some cheesy twist of fate, the app can’t recognise a deal, Pizza Hut Delivery will give customers an epic 50% off when they spend just £20 on pizzas.

The campaign is inspired by the fact that whilst an independent taste test[ has already proven Pizza Hut Delivery’s pizzas taste better, there are people that default to Domino’s when ordering pizza. Pizza Hut Delivery now invites customers to choose the better taste, whilst getting the best value!

The Deal Jacker strengthens Pizza Hut Delivery’s commitment to overdelivering in everything they do for their consumers, and further reinforces the ‘Now That’s Delivering’ brand platform that launched earlier this year.

Pizza Hut Delivery have established themselves as the benchmark in delivery amongst the pizza loving masses, with their taste credentials, Hut Reward loyalty scheme, favourites from £5 value proposition and Thirty Minute Speed Guarantee, the Deal Jacker furthers their positioning, showing that they’re not simply the benchmark, but the best when it comes to value!

Andrei Andreescu, Creative Technologist at Iris, said: “Thanks to the speed with which tech is developing, AR is becoming progressively more accessible to brands and consumers. It is the perfect platform to showcase how our deals are better than the market leader’s in a disruptive and unexpected way. Deal Jacker scans images of our competitor’s deals and renders better Pizza Hut Delivery deals on top thanks to cloud based image recognition software. It’s been in the pipeline for some time, so it’s great to see it go live!”

Beverley D’Cruz, Pizza Hut UK Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “Following the successful relaunch of the Pizza Hut Delivery brand with our ‘Now that’s Delivering’ at the end of last year, we were keen to find a new, innovative way to continue our competitive comms approach in the UK. When Iris proposed this idea to us we knew we had to get it live. It’s the perfect expression of what Pizza Hut Delivery stands for – overdelivering in every way.”

Accessible on mobile only, the app can be downloaded here. It is also available on both the Apple and Android app stores from 8th April.

Source: Iris

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