Probar Launches New Nutrition Bar Packaging & Branding Designed By Struck

Probar1 Probar, provider of healthy plant-based food products, announces the launch of a new branding and packaging campaign, developed by the creative agency Struck.

The award-winning designs received the Merit award at the 2013 AIGA 100 show in Utah, which honors the best design over the past year.

To keep pace with significant market growth, Probar is introducing several new products this year. Struck not only designed the new packaging but also created a unified brand framework for the entire product family.

“We wanted the brand refresh to reflect the premium nature of our brand and project a clean, bold look,” said Jason Lambert, Director of Business Development, Probar. “Struck nailed what we were looking for and the positive feedback from customers has been tremendous.”

Following the launch of the re-branded packaging, Probar achieved significant gains in the outdoor category and moved from No. 11 to 5 nationally in the bar category in natural foods.

Struck implemented methodical research techniques and packaging design expertise to create the new Probar branded system. Each product was given a unique look to highlight their individual place among the overall brand, while still maintaining a connection that anchored them to the overarching new brand look-and-feel.

“The packaging was developed with a clear purpose of creating strong shelf appeal while also reinforcing the overall brand value of the Probar family,” said Daniel Conner, Chief Executive Officer, Struck.

“The packaging looks stunning and this brand refresh is a great example of the innovative, creative, and award-winning work our teams produce.”

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