ROCKTAILS Launch ‘The Citrus Spritz’, the First in their Exquisite Range of Distilled Botanical Drinks

Craft drinks specialist ROCKTAILS present: ‘The Citrus Spritz’; the first lightly sparkling botanical blend in its new drinks range, with the second blend due to launch in February. Made using the finest distilled botanicals, this refreshing yet refined spritz is the first of its kind, offering an original, sophisticated approach to alcohol-free drinks.

‘The Citrus Spritz’ is the first of a range of new craft soft drinks being launched by ROCKTAILS, with the aim to lead and innovate in the premium soft drinks industry. This delicate blend combines lemon zest with juniper berries, along with base notes of grapefruit peel and a gentle aroma of lavender and basil.

Reviving centuries-old techniques, ROCKTAILS use a copper pot steam distillation process to extract botanical flavours in small batches. This process ensures that each blend is both pure and complex, with the result producing a fresh and original combination of perfectly balanced, delicate flavour notes.

Founded by Chris Yandell and Katie Bain, with a desire to offer the world a grown up, characterful yet refined soft drink, ROCKTAILS offers mindful drinkers the same drinking experience as their alcohol- consuming friends, but with a low-sugar content and complex flavor profile, to suit an adult palate.

The ethos of ROCKTAILS is simple: no shortcuts or compromises are taken from the beginning to the end of the process. Chris and Katie are passionate about experimenting with unique ingredients and flavour pairings in order to develop a range of drinks like no other.

As concerns surrounding sugar intake continue to grow, ROCKTAILS have recognised the need for a transparently labelled, sophisticated and flavoursome product in a market that is saturated with high sugar or fruit-based beverages. Each blend in the new range will have just 2.6g per 100ml sugar content, derived exclusively from organic agave, which represents almost a quarter of the amount contained in the majority of commercially available soft drinks.

According to YouGov, almost five million people signed up to ‘Dry January’ this year. As people become more mindful of what they drink and what they put in their bodies, ROCKTAILS is providing health conscious and sociable consumers with an alcohol-free substitute, in the form of a complex and sophisticated product that exists as a genuine alternative to an alcoholic drink.


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