Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Joins Forces With Coca‑Cola to Launch Coca‑Cola Life

Rosie+Huntington+Whiteley+Rosie+Huntington+qAeNEkR7fRJlSupermodel and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Coca‑Cola celebrated the launch of Coca‑Cola Life, a brand new lower-calorie cola which is sweetened from natural sources, and contains a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than regular cola.

Sweetened with a blend of sugar and naturally-sourced stevia leaf extract, Coca‑Cola Life contains 89 calories per can. Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener derived from the leaves of the plant. Coca‑Cola Life promises the same great Coca‑Cola taste and, just like its predecessors, contains only natural flavours and no added preservatives.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley said, “I am really excited to launch Coca‑Cola Life. Coca‑Cola Life lets me enjoy the great taste I love but with a third less sugar and a third fewer calories. I’m a great believer in not denying yourself when it comes to what you eat and drink but like everything in life it’s about finding a healthy and happy balance.”

showbiz-rosie-huntingdon-whiteley-coca-cola-green-3To celebrate the launch, Rosie opened the Coca‑Cola Life boutique on London’s South Molton Street. The doors are open to the public and people are invited to try the new brand from an installation wall to be in with the chance of winning a Coca‑Cola Life prize, including a long weekend in New York City.

Rosie said, “To me, life is about enjoying the special moments that make us happy, however big or small. With the Coca‑Cola Life pop-up boutique we are inviting people to recognise and celebrate those moments as well as create new personal experiences. I hope you all enjoy the great taste of Coca‑Cola Life and that our Coca‑Cola Life moments help to create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Coca‑Cola Life moments can be something you do every day like walking your dog in the park at sunrise; to an unforgettable experience on a holiday or something that you long to do in the future.

showbiz-rosie-huntingdon-whiteley-coca-cola-green-4Rosie said, “My favourite moments are when I’m with hanging out with my friends and family, cooking and eating good food, sharing funny stories and dancing and singing to great music. I love to relax at home with my dogs, go swimming in the sea and take long walks in the countryside. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can make you happy.”

The Coca‑Cola Life boutique will be open on Saturday 20th September allowing people to come along and see if they are one of the lucky ones to win an experience with their can of Coca‑Cola Life. For those unable to make it to the destination, there are still chances to win by sharing a Coca‑Cola Life moment picture online, using the hashtags #CocaColaLife and #comp. Winners will be chosen at random and full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Coca-Cola Life launchJon Woods, General Manager, Coca‑Cola UK & Ireland said: “Coca‑Cola Life, the lower calorie cola sweetened from natural sources, is the latest innovation in the Coca‑Cola portfolio in Great Britain. It gives people a new option with fewer calories and complements our existing brands. We’re providing people with another choice of Coke, so they can choose the one which best suits their lifestyle.

“We recognise that many people want to reduce the sugar and calorie content of the drinks they enjoy, while still enjoying the taste. Over recent years we have innovated to reduce the calories in Sprite, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Lilt and Oasis, alongside providing a zero calorie version of every main brand in our portfolio.

Coca-Cola Life launch“We are committed to working with others across society to promote well-being and help address the public health challenge of obesity. As part of these efforts, we’ve taken steps to provide consumers with more drink choices, including more lower calorie drinks and smaller pack sizes as well as a significant investment to support programmes to help people become more physically active.”

Coca‑Cola Life is available in selected retailers and supermarkets nationwide now.

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