Sacred Grounds: Divine coffee in the heart of Soho.

A holy hit of caffeine, community spirit and solace for all of Soho. Hashtag blessed.

There is nowhere quite like Soho in the world- where the celebration of individuality is so densely woven into its cultural fabric.

Introducing Sacred Grounds, the latest addition to Soho’s bustling coffee scene.

Keeping in the vision of St Anne’s Church, Sacred Grounds seeks to create a space in which coffee and the community come together: embracing the fusion of cultures, tastes, personalities, and energies that characterise the streets of Soho, and clearly representing the spirit of the church as a cultivated, community-centric hub.

Sacred Grounds comes as the first iteration of the Neighbourly fund, an annual pro-bono initiative by Wonderhood Design focused on supporting local Soho businesses through branding and design.

The Neighbourly Fund works to support small businesses in distinguishing themselves amidst a landscape dominated by chain establishments- increasing footfall and providing them with a greater chance of success in the cultural heart of London.

Wonderhood Design collaborated closely with the team at St. Anne’s Church to develop a comprehensive brand identity, encompassing everything from the name, logo, bespoke fonts, colour palette, and advised interior and exterior design. This was brought to life in-store as well as through above-the-line comms, with an out-of-home campaign by Wonderhood Advertising and bespoke merchandise designed by Wonderhood Design. Finally, Wonderhood’s social first content studio Wonderhood Makers brought the spirit of the coffee shop to life across Sacred Ground’s social channels.

The new brand world and visual identity, developed by Wonderhood Design, aims to create a brand narrative that truly encompasses the diverse human spirit of the neighbourhood and community of the church: welcoming all.

Simon Elvins, Co-Founder, Wonderhood Design & Head of Art, said:

“We’re blessed to have such brilliant clients in St Anne’s church, creating a bold and playful brand that has spirit at its heart whilst welcoming in Soho’s faithful (and sinners!) alike.”

Revd Simon Buckley, Rector of St Annes Church, added:

“With the invaluable support, vision and creativity of Wonderhood we may not quite have turned water into wine but have certainly produced a coffee shop that exceeds what we would have achieved on our own. They’ve been a real God-send!”

Sacred Grounds officially opens its doors to the public this week.

The OOH campaign will be featured throughout the streets of Soho if you need a reason to head to Sacred Grounds. Be sure to grab yourself a Blesspresso while you’re there!

Source: Wonderhood Studios

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