Santa Maria Unveils New Tex-Mex Packaging to Drive Brand Preference

Santa Maria Spicy Refried BeansMore than 30 products in Santa Maria’s Tex-Mex range have been given a clean and bold new-look to drive brand cut-through and category growth, following in-depth consumer research into brand perception and in-aisle considerations.

In response to shopper feedback on shelf standout and category navigation at point of purchase, Santa Maria has modified wrappings and recipes on bestselling SKUs including seasoning mixes, chips, taco shells, tortillas and refried beans. The new format products will be phased into stores over the next six months.

Low-res Santa Maria Salted Tortilla ChipsAt a time when consumers are increasingly health-conscious, recipe changes aligned to the new packaging adjustments include up to 21% less salt in Santa Maria Tortilla Chips, as well as up to 36% less sugar in Santa Maria Fajita Seasoning Mix Medium and Santa Maria Taco Seasoning Mix. Clearer messaging around the brand promise of no modified starch, artificial colours, citric acid or maltodextrine across the range has also been incorporated into the redesign.

Packaging changes include:

  • A new, brighter shade of Santa Maria red across the Tex-Mex range for greater standout
  • Informal descriptions of the product below its name to help educate
  • Taste descriptors bolded for flavour with taste benefit emphasis
  • Recommended ingredient pairings for in-store shopper guidance
  • New attention-grabbing badges to highlight the USPs of individual products
  • New photography to inspire shoppers around key consumption occasions

Santa Maria Taco ShellsThis big brand drive follows Santa Maria’s switch from Discovery Foods in 2014 and last year’s Better Taste Guarantee money-back promise to consumers. A logo revamp followed in December 2015 to create greater on-pack visibility and category presence, paving the way for this latest phase of rebranding.

Paul Brixey, UK Marketing & Shopper Manager, commented: “Our research tells us that consumers are analysing packaging and nutritional labels more than ever and this refreshed look for the Tex-Mex portfolio will provide clearer product usage and inspiration to sway consumer preference to the Santa Maria offering.”

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