Savanna Tasked Edinburgh Locals to Sing for their Cider

Savanna brand ambassadors took to the streets of Edinburgh ahead of the Easter weekend to get the bank holiday party started. Cruising round the capital in a Savanna branded taxi, they invited people to ‘sing for their cider’ in return for a free journey within the city.

Cider lovers had to work for their free ride and the reward of a bottle of Savanna Dry at the end of the journey, by singing one of their favourite songs and introducing the word ‘Savanna’ into the lyrics.

The initiative enabled the brand to directly engage with consumers, bringing out some of its fun, cheeky and unapple-ogetic personality, as well as giving people the chance to sample the South African drink.

Passengers were treated to a bottle Savanna’s flagship product, Savanna Dry. A double chilled, triple filtered, cider, Dry has been carefully curated to provide consumers with the ultimate refreshment. Available to purchase in 330ml and 500ml bottles, it’s unrivalled taste is amplified through its traditional serve of a wedge of lemon in the neck.

Savanna song renditions were shared on social media, creating interest and excitement around the campaign in Edinburgh. Travellers tapped into their creative side, adapting songs from ‘Copa Savanna’ to ‘Sweet home Savanna’ and more.

Commenting on the pre-bank holiday activity, Amy Burns, Marketing Manager for Savanna said: “We have really been making our mark in Edinburgh this year with an enhanced presence across on and off trade outlets within the city centre, but to have one of our branded taxis actually offering people a free ride home, or to the pub, was just a bit of fun and a chance for us to share the South African spirit of the brand. While we didn’t find any X Factor finalists in the taxi, we did uncover some creative thinking with the song choices and it was plain to see people had a laugh and enjoyed themselves, which was what it was all about.”

Source: Savanna

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