Schweppes Seeks Cocktail Novice to Transform Into ‘Bar Hero’

With this campaign, created by XXS Amsterdam, Schweppes is on the lookout for people with zero bar experience considering a serious career change to become a professional bartender.

The chosen candidate will be monitored during his training in the new online series ‘From Zero to Bar Hero’ and will be supported by several experts in the field. The campaign kicked off during Amsterdam Cocktail Week with recruitment posters all over the city.

The posters read with messages like “For those who think sex on the beach is sex on the beach” and “For those who think bloody Mary is a horror movie”.

They address the perfect candidate: amateurs who never heard of these cocktail names.

With this campaign Schweppes pays homage to the craftsmanship of bartending. Not by placing a professional bartender in the spotlights, but by zooming in on the intensive process of an inexperienced person who is learning the craft of bartending. A perspective which closely follows Schweppes ‘acquired taste’ beliefs: the best things in life are acquired, not given.

The carefully selected ‘Zero’ will be followed throughout his training while becoming a ‘Bar Hero’. He will be mentored by Tess Posthumus (world’s best female bartender).

The online series is expected to go live in May on and the brand’s several social media channels.

Source: Little Black Book

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