Sleek & Affordable Coffee-Maker Lets You Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Based in Santa Cruz, coffee lovers Gabe Herz and Andy Clark have created a simple, sleek and affordable coffee-maker that uses the slow drip cold brewing method.

Realizing that the available options for cold brewed coffee in the market are impractical and expensive, they designed the “Cold Bruer”—an attractive device that shows the user the visually appealing process of making coffee this way.

Taking between 3 to 12-hours depending on the chosen drip-rate setting, this is definitely not the quickest way to whip up a cup of coffee, but the “full-flavored, very smooth, velvety taste” of cold brew coffee is definitely worth the wait.

The Cold Bruer is currently sourcing for funds on Kickstarter—for just US$50, you can have it at home for making that perfect cup of iced coffee on a hot day.


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