Space adds ‘H2Oomph’ to Highland Spring Brave by Nature push

Creative agency Space is helping Highland Spring become the go-to water brand for consumers with a witty new on-pack campaign that celebrates everyday bravery.

The promotional campaign ties in with the brand’s Brave by Nature proposition, which encourages people to celebrate life by venturing outside of their comfort zone… just a little bit.

Brave by Nature encourages individuals to ‘go for it’ every day, supporting them in accomplishing the little wins that make life more colourful, whether it’s trying out a new dinner party recipe, wearing a more daring outfit, taking on a DIY task, or skipping the lift and using the stairs. Reinforcing the message that Highland Spring helps individuals to be naturally driven to do more, ‘H2Oomph’ shows consumers how being hydrated can allow them to make the most of their everyday.

Ten thousand experience prizes that promise ‘Life, with added H2Oomph’ are up for grabs. Each of the prizes has been tweaked to be more exciting and unforgettable. For example, a luxury break prize could be a stay in a secluded tree house, or a medieval camping experience at a castle. Trips to the cinema are for 4DX blockbuster showings, and free swimming lets winners loose on a fantastic aqua assault course experience.

Prizes are revealed through an instant win mechanic. Shoppers purchase promotional bottles or multipacks of Highland Spring and are driven online by an on-pack URL and POS in-store. Upon entering their details and the batch code from their bottle they will be automatically notified if they are a winner or not.

The campaign aims to build overall awareness of Highland Spring and help make it a first-choice brand for more consumers in a sector that is fiercely competitive and where own label has significant share.

Karen Crowley, Head of Consumer Marketing, Highland Spring Group, said: “One of our key priorities at Highland Spring is promoting healthy hydration options for all, and this is what ‘Brave By Nature’, and ‘H2Oomph’ is all about; encouraging people to stay hydrated to help them turn every day into a good day. Whether it’s taking an iconic train journey or one-upping the everyday cinema experience, we’re offering consumers the tools to do this with added oomph.”

David Atkinson, managing partner, Space, said: “Highland Spring has fantastic brand heritage and a portfolio of naturally sourced products ideal for health, hydration and refreshment. We want to remind people that these characteristics also make it the perfect partner in encouraging them to ‘go for it’ in achieving their own fist pump moments. People don’t often think about their own little moments of every day bravery – they take them for granted, but it does feel good when they take the plunge or conquer life’s little challenges. It helps you to squeeze the most out of every day.”

Source: Space

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