Space Creates Mouth-Watering Campaign for Jus-Rol to Make People Fall Back in Love with Pastry

Space’s latest campaign for Jus-Rol inspires people to fall in love with pastry again following a brand refresh by General Mills.

As part of its category leadership approach, Jus-Rol has improved its products and created new inspirational packs to help inspire consumers to bake more.

The ‘Jus-Add-Love’ campaign reminds its target audience about the versatility and power of pastry through a set of media partnerships with some of the country’s top magazine brands – BBC Good Food, which will launch with a landing page take-over, Delicious and Radio Times, which will include a Bake Off Hub sponsorship and advertorial in the Christmas issue.

The partnerships will be backed by extensive advertising across all digital touchpoints, including Billboard, DMPU and Mobile digital banners, and will drive consumers to the Jus-Rol microsite, where they can get inspiring pastry recipes. These include Blackberry Crumble, Spanakopita, Chorizo Sausage Roll, Mince Pie Twists, Black Forest Bakewell and Cheese & Leek Tart.

Every month will see a new recipe leading the creative, all of which fit in with the theme of that month. These will be backed by specific online adverts.

Each key visual captures a human moment; ‘The Weeknight Wonder’ shows a mother and son, enjoying baking together after school, ‘The Mistletoe Magnet’ shows a couple sharing a kiss and a  Mince Pie Twist under the mistletoe, while the ‘The pie shared by 12,563 people’ visual celebrates British Pie Week and shows two young influencers snapping images of their puff pastry creation.

The creative uses bold type and imagery to match the brand’s new look while the photography showcases beautifully imperfect, irresistible modern pastry creations in all their glory, from nobbly pies to lovingly lopsided pizzas and pastries – to reflect all the possibilities of home baking. Social assets will include Canvas, video and animation as well as reskinned versions of the creative.

The media partnerships were brokered by Mindshare.

Graham White, Marketing at Jus-Rol, said: “Baking with Jus-Rol helps turn everyday dishes into something special that shows the people you love just how much you care for them. This campaign brings all of that to life through sumptuous artwork and photography and clever targeting.”

David Atkinson, Managing Partner at Space, adds: “Following the brand refresh we knew we had to do something new and exciting in the category to gain real stand-out and traction. ‘Jus-Add-Love’ is all about the feeling you get when you turn an everyday moment into something special – which is all part of the magic of baking.”

Source: Space

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