Sprite Unveils Cans Featuring Lyrics From Hip-Hop Legends

#OBEYYOURVERSE1For 30 years, Sprite has been championing the sound, feel and culture of hip-hop in partnership with legendary rappers and artists. Back by popular demand, the Sprite Obey Your Verse campaign continues to celebrate hip-hop and pay tribute to the artistry of lyricism with a new set of cans featuring lyrics from 2Pac, Missy Elliott and J. Cole.

The Sprite limited-edition packaging will feature 16 lyrical designs that speak to the emcees’ unique voices and powerful storytelling. Each can will be emblazoned with custom fonts that represent the style of both the artist and the lyric. Beginning in late June, the designs on individual 12- and 16-ounce cans, 20-ounce bottles, and 12-, 20- and 24-packs of 12-ounce cans will be available in stores nationwide and while supplies last.

“From the moment Sprite tapped into hip-hop culture 30 years ago with our ad featuring Kurtis Blow, the brand has strived to celebrate self-expression and provide artists with platforms to tell their most moving stories,” said Bobby Oliver, director, Sprite and citrus brands, Coca-Cola North America. “The Sprite Obey Your Verse Lyrical Collection is not only an acknowledgment of the genre’s best storytellers, but also a way of inspiring and empowering our fans to be true to themselves.”

#OBEYYOURVERSE22Pac, Missy Elliott and J. Cole were each selected for their embodiment of the Sprite spirit – remaining true to themselves through their music, lyrical prowess and influence on pop culture. But their embodiment of these values goes further than just talent. These three artists have changed the game with their innovative approaches to making music and self-expression.

Lyrics like 2Pac’s “The gift of speech, the power to reach,” Missy’s “I won’t settle for less” and J. Cole’s “You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles” are just a few examples of the inspirational phrases adorning the cans.

Sprite will celebrate each of the lyrics throughout the summer on its social channels, as well as during the BET Experience @ L.A. LIVE presented by Coca-Cola, the annual entertainment fest being held June 23-26.

In addition, from June 20 through August 15, fans can experience the Sprite Obey Your Verse Lyrical Collection in through innovative mobile technology enhancements on the Sprite website. As fans collect the limited-edition cans this summer, they can log onto the brand’s site from their smartphones and snap a photo of each can to unlock a Sprite product offer, earn a music reward, and be entered for a chance to win autographed music memorabilia and the ultimate VIP concert experience.

#OBEYYOURVERSEA robust marketing campaign, including TV, outdoor, radio, digital, social and in-store advertising will support the Sprite Obey Your Verse program. Outdoor advertising will feature illustrated portraits of the legendary artists, along with their respective packaging. A 30-second TV spot featuring Rakim, a recognized MC and one of last year’s Sprite Obey Your Verse Lyrical Collection artists, wil debut in late-June.

Sprite will roll out more exciting Obey Your Verse plans and fresh content all summer long to continue paying respect to those who have always followed their own voice. Keep up with the social conversation by participating on Twitter using the hashtag #ObeyYourVerse and checking out the Sprite Tumblr page.

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