Starbucks and Bill Nye Explain the Science Behind the ‘Whoa Nitro’ in New Campaign

In support of the nearly national availability of Nitro Cold Brew in the US, Starbucks has released an ad campaign called ‘Whoa Nitro.’ The first national campaign for Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew, ‘Whoa Nitro’ celebrates a beverage that needs to be seen and tasted to be believed — it’s velvety-smooth, sweet without sweetener, and creamy without cream.

To bring the campaign to life, Starbucks Creative Studio worked with director Alex Turvey, production company LOGAN, and creative agency Big Spaceship for creative development.

In addition to the ad campaign, Starbucks worked with personalities like Bill Nye, MythBusters Adam Savage, and celebrity chef Wylie Dufresne to create a variety of social content. The social content was led by Bullitt, with Tim K as director and Big Spaceship providing creative development.

Most people don’t know what exactly Nitro Cold Brew is. The ‘Whoa Nitro’ campaign is meant to raise awareness of the product by conveying the burst of revelatory emotion it inspires when customers try it for the first time.

Two 15-second spots and three 6-second spots will run across multiple platforms including TV, digital video, social, podcasts, and across many popular websites throughout the summer. Meanwhile, a 15-second product video will run on national TV, in online video environments and on connected devices; along with 6-second cut downs of the videos. 

Podcast integrations and ads will also feature in Reply All and Science Vs., Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Brainstuff, Daniel & Jorge Explain the Universe, Tech Stuff, Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, All Ball with Doug Gottlieb, and Stuff You Should Know.

A variety of creator content will appear in social and popular YouTube channels, including the thoughtful online content series from Bill Nye that explains the science behind the beverage and unpacks the mystery behind its smooth, velvety texture.

Source: Little Black Book

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