Starbucks Lets You Buy A Coffee For Your Friend With Twitter

You may soon be able to buy coffee for a friend from Starbucks using Twitter, if a beta trial by the coffee giant is successful.

Tweet-a-Coffee’ lets you buy a $5 gift card by linking your credit card to your Starbucks account and syncing it to Twitter. Simply tweet “@tweetacoffee” with the Twitter handle of the recipient and that person will receive the gift card.

The first 100,000 Visa cardholders who link their accounts will receive a $5 gift card for themselves when they tweet a gift card to someone.

‘Tweet-a-Coffee’ is the first beta program Starbucks is launching to the public, and the company hopes to gather feedback from the trial to improve it.

Head to starbucks/ to sign up and start tweeting coffees to your loved ones.

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