Starbucks’ Minimalist Posters Show How It’s a Big Part of People’s Lifestyles

Only have time for a coffee? These pared-back Starbucks posters might keep you entertained for a moment.

To celebrate 40 years of brewing genuine moments, Starbucks has enlisted Brazil-based advertising agency RÁI to create seven minimalist print posters.

The studio strikingly employed the brand’s icon to sum up the personalised moments of customers. Examples include substituting the green part of a traffic light with the symbol to insinuate Starbucks’ to-go culture, as well as using notification dots to imply catching up and connecting with friends.


Advertising Agency: Rai, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Vice President / Copywriter: Guilherme Fleury
Creative Vice President: Maurício Cavalcanti
Creative Director / Art Director: Lucas Adam

Source: Design Taxi

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