Tavern Brands Water’s Best New Buddy

In today’s world of overflowing social media feeds boasting trendy beverages, staying hydrated has never been more important. But let’s face it, plain water, while essential, isn’t always the most exciting choice. Sugary drinks marketed as “healthy” often come loaded with artificial ingredients, leaving consumers wanting healthy options without sacrificing flavor.

Enter Buddy, the water enhancement drops that make staying hydrated a fun and delicious experience. Focusing on real, natural ingredients, Buddy offers functional benefits alongside delicious flavors, turning your ordinary water into a tastebud party.

Small Bottle, Big Impact

Buddy’s packaging, much like the powerful drops inside, makes a mighty friendly impression despite its size. Designed by branding studio Tavern, the brand’s visual identity makes Buddy an accessory you’ll want to carry everywhere.

“When Buddy approached us, they were looking to create a better vehicle for everyday hydration that was more flavorful and fun,” said Mike Perry, Founder and CCO of Tavern. “They wanted a new-to-world brand identity and pack design that was not only personable and approachable, but that could slip into your daily routine.”

Inspired by the idea of Buddy as your water’s best friend, Tavern infused the brand with playful charm and delectable vibes. Bold colors and a captivating wordmark grab attention, enticing curious consumers to explore further. Each flavor boasts its own adorable character and a delightful collection of fruit stickers, highlighting the natural, delicious flavors within. Wavy borders accentuate the visual theme, playfully referencing water’s role in hydration. A custom die-cut label elevates the standard plastic bottle, giving it a premium, sophisticated feel.

From the playful wordmark and fruit stickers to the juicy waves and vibrant colors, Buddy’s on-and-off-pack design perfectly captures the friendly spirit of the brand, positioning the flavor sidekick as your new go-to hydration companion and promising an experience that goes beyond just taking your water up a notch.

“We loved bringing these characters to life with cheerful illustrations,” said Lisa Franck, Tavern Strategy Director. “Getting enough water shouldn’t be the kind of chore where you’re constantly checking your hydration tracker bottle with all of the hashmarks. By keeping it light, we really emphasized Buddy’s role as your friendly sidekick.”

1 Tiny Bottle > 30 Bottles

Buddy also prioritizes reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing plastic waste. While the bottles themselves are small, they hold a powerful punch–a single bottle makes an impressive 30 tasty, healthy drinks. Considering that the primary ingredient in most beverages is water, drink brands add significant weight during transportation and contribute to higher CO2 emissions.

Buddy offers a more eco-friendly route to refreshment. “Currently, the brand is using a plastic bottle, but they are looking into compostable and refillable solutions,” added Mike. “But from a plastic-savings standpoint, what’s better? One tiny bottle or 30 of them that will most likely go straight to a landfill or be incinerated?”

Source: Tavern

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