TBWA\Shanghai creates 193 moons for Ferrero Rocher to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival

World-renowned Italian chocolatier, Ferrero Rocher partnered with creative agency TBWA\Shanghai to launch a unique integrated campaign celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In its first ever Tmall Super Brand Day, Ferrero Rocher released limited-edition premium packs available exclusively on the Alibaba-owned platform.

Tmall Super Brand Days are designed to enhance online-to-offline digital marketing capabilities through Alibaba’s big data, and deliver elevated exposure and sales through a dedicated brand day with a sense of ceremony.

TBWA\Shanghai partnered Ferrero Rocher in ideation, pitching, and delivery of the Ferrero Super Brand Day and ‘193 moons for you’ campaign – from creative communications, product design and development, celebrity and influencer partnerships, and experiential event production – all focused on true value proposition for young audiences during the Mid-Autumn holiday.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is widely celebrated in China, as people gather with family and friends to observe the beauty of the full moon – a traditional symbol to express good wishes. With gifts shared throughout the holiday (most commonly mooncakes) and Ferrero Rocher already popular in the gifting category, the brand developed an innovative approach to attract a new generation of young consumers by reinventing the Mid-Autumn experience.

Ferrero’s “193 moons for you” injected a fresh sense of excitement to the traditional festival through the celebration of all the 193 known moons in the solar system instead of just the Earth’s moon. With each moon representing a different theme of thoughtfulness, Ferrero launched their limited-edition moon lamp packs and 193 artistic styles to encourage people to express their love through the discovery of finding that one design that best represents themselves.

“To further capture the opportunities of e-commerce, Ferrero is now accelerating its digital transformation through the leading big data platform and brand marketing system of Alibaba, which has been one of our major growth strategies in the China market, said Mauro De Felip, General Manager of Ferrero China. “For the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Ferrero Rocher cooperates with Tmall Super Brand Day for the first time, leveraging its powerful digital marketing capabilities to inject new energies in the brand.”

For the first time in mainland China, Ferrero has collaborated with a brand ambassador, teaming up with Leah Dou, a popular musician widely loved for her unique and eclectic personality, to create a special song, sharing her creative interpretation of how people can express their love in the modern world.

The imaginative and fantastical music-video tells the story of Dou’s quest for the moon and her desire to carry the moon home for a loved one. Ferrero also produced a limited-edition Leah Dou Vinyl Record packs available during Mid- Autumn festival exclusively on Tmall.

Davide Chessa, Marketing Director of Ferrero Pralines, noted that “Inviting Leah Dou to be Ferrero Rocher’s first brand ambassador is a great milestone for the brand in mainland China. Ferrero Rocher has been in the China market for almost 25 years, gaining huge popularity and great reputation across the country. We believe that our new ambassador will bring new energies to this classic brand by helping us to deepen our connection with the young

“As music can be a bridge for people to convey their feelings, we hope to rejuvenate the feeling and thoughtfulness that brings us together during Mid-Autumn, and provide a soundtrack for gatherings across the country,” said Joshua Tay, Group Creative Director at TBWA\Shanghai.

For the Super Brand Day event, which took place at HKRI Taikoo Hui in September, Ferrero created a multi-sensory Mid-Autumn experience, with brand ambassador Leah Dou attending to launch the new products and campaign. Italian Ferrero chocolatiers demonstrated how Ferrero Rocher is made, offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy mellow taste of Ferrero chocolate.

Additionally, Ferrero developed a set of elaborate interactive devices including a giant moon decoration, moon chairs, moon lamps, video room, among others, so audiences could feel like they are immersed in the moon light of Mid-Autumn festival.

“This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our strength and unity across diverse specialist units – from event production with Auditoire, gift design and development with Q Lab, and video production with BOLT,” said Muriel Lechaczynski, Managing Director of TBWA\Shanghai. “We’re very proud to have helped Ferrero secure its first ever Super Brand Day, with an integrated strategy that leverages multiple digital touchpoints and succinctly connects online and offline with the culture and spirit of the youth.”

Source: Campaign Brief

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