The Brew Co-work Launches the Tech City Beer Fest

The Brew logo_purple.jpg.opt167x177o0,0s167x177For those looking for a new way to network in and around the Silicon Roundabout and digital Shoreditch area, a new beer festival called Tech City Beer Fest is being launched by the brew Co-working Spaces.

The beer festival takes place on Tuesday 18th June from 6.30 – 9pm at Arch 402 in Shoreditch, London.

Interest in craft beer is increasing in the Tech City area, as new brewers, such as Beavertown Brewery, ignite a resurgence in East London based brewing. the brew Co-working Spaces has seen the opportunity to marry these burgeoning sectors (British craft beer and the digital industry in Shoreditch) with the intent to help build a robust business community in informal and relaxed environments.

By providing such platforms for discussions and solutions, the brew Co-working Spaces hopes to help tackle business owners and directors’ main concerns such as the skills gap; access to finance; workspace access and cost and mentoring and management skills.

Commenting on the launch of the Tech City Beer Fest, Andrew Clough, managing director of the brew Co-working Spaces said:

The notion of community drives the brew’s co-working ethos. However, I think we sometimes work far too hard in trying to achieve our ambitions that we can forget that participating in something fun, social and chilled out can be very commercially useful. That’s why we’ve combined the delights of British craft beer with the rise of Tech City as a global entity. Put an unusual non-big brand beer in front of two people and you gets hours of conversation that sparks long lasting connections.

Tickets for the Tech City Beer Fest include: a welcome beer, followed by an introduction to beer, and how to taste and score beer by The Craft Beer Social Club, then eight beers from a selection of over 30.

For tickets purchased during the Early Bird period, the brew Co-working Spaces has been able to discount the general admission price by forty percent to £12.50 + VAT per person through a Platinum sponsorship by Optimity (Internet Service Provider) and a Gold sponsorship by Synergist (job costing and project management software). Standard price for tickets is £20.83 +VAT per person.

The Tech City Beer Fest will take place twice a year, and is part of a series of events run by the brew Co-working Spaces. These events complement the brew’s co-working service by providing the social element of the shared office experience.

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