The Hairy Bikers Unveil Hairy Dieters Range of Sauces Designed by Elmwood

HD1_0The Hairy Bikers (Si King and Dave Myers) have joined forces with design consultancy Elmwood to help launch their Hairy Dieters range of healthy cooking sauces.

Elmwood has helped develop the brand identity for the range of five sauces, creating a brand marque and logo capturing the Hairy Dieters friendly and accessible spirit.

As King and Myers are synonymous with the Hairy Bikers and subsequent Hairy Dieters brands both feature on the branding with their image used for the logo and on the packaging.

HD2_0A bold palette of vibrant colours has been used to achieve shelf standout, whilst staying true to the Hairy Dieters personality. The warm, chatty nature of the packs aims to capture King and Myers northern spirit, with cues back to their biker roots featuring in the form of speedometers measuring fat content and cooking time.

The Hairy Dieters commented: “We’re passionate about great tasting food. Hairy Dieters is about staying healthy and enjoying life to the full. This range is for people who want to do that without sacrificing the delicious foods they love or feeling deprived. Elmwood’s concept for the brand and packaging perfectly captures everything about the fantastic and rewarding journey we’re on, and we can’t wait to see our sauces hit the supermarket shelves.”

Elmwood designer, Ben Brears, added: “The Hairy Dieters are such big personalities and we wanted to make sure that bold character and friendly tone of voice came across with the Hairy Dieters range. We’re thrilled with the way the new brand and packaging not only captures the spirit of Si and Dave, but it also appeals to customers who want to get healthier while still enjoying their food.”

The sauces are available in Morrison’s nationwide from this month.


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