Tic Tac Boxes Take Over Australian Shopping Centres with Berry Scent

Ferrero Australia has launched its latest campaign which makes its new Tic Tac Berries flavour unmissable, visually, but also through scent. Implementing 25 giant scented Tic Tac boxes which emit the new Tic Tac Berries flavour. The aim is to entice shoppers on passing by to try the exciting new product.

Working in Partnership with PHD, oOh!media and The Mix Agency, the boxes will be distributed in proximity to Woolworths & Coles entrances across NSW, VIC and QLD. The campaign will run for a 2 week period. The slow release capsules burst at different times so the fragrance will last for the entire campaign period.

The largest of the Tic Tac boxes will reach 1890mm x 1140mm and the expected scent radius is up to 2 metres surrounding the panel.

The giant boxes are transported in flat to Reed Pacific whereupon they apply the patented micro-encapsulated SureScent technology that allows the berry fragrance to release the ambient scent to the shoppers in the vicinity.

A spokesperson from Ferrero revealed: “Ferrero is excited by this opportunity to communicate our new Tic Tac flavour in a more sensorial way, enticing consumers to try our new berry flavour. Ferrero along with PHD are always looking for media innovation that brings the core idea of our brand campaigns to life and this OOH execution delivers this 100%!”

Melissa Haggerty, business director said: “This campaign really ignites the playful fun that is core to the Tic Tac brand. I believe it is one our consumers will love and will put a smile on our shoppers’ faces.”

Blair Hamilford, commercial director sales – retail said launching the new Tic Tac Berry Flavour via ShopaLites is an innovative and creative to stand out and help drive sales.

Hamilford said: “Shoppers can’t miss the giant 3D Tic Tac packs, and the scent will stimulate their taste buds, influencing them to buy a pack at the supermarket nearby.

Andrew Hill, business director, The Mix Agency said: “The Berries campaign creative and OOH innovation aims to delight the senses and reward consumers and shoppers with yet another great Tic Tac flavour sensation and brings new news to the confectionery category.”

Source: Campaign Brief

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