Voicebox Reveals Vibrant, Fun, Wholesome Design for Yooga Superfood Yogurt Cups

Packaging and branding design firm Voicebox unveiled its playful design for Yooga Superfood Cups, a coconut-based probiotic superfood yogurt cup set to disrupt the plant-based yogurt category.

Yooga Organic Super Food Cups are made with coconut milk, fruit purees, finely milled chia seeds, probiotic cultures and only contain 6 grams of sugar/140 calories per 125 g cup.

Voicebox partnered with Yooga to develop the brand’s identity through design. As a category creator, Yooga’s look needed to have stopping power, while quickly educating consumers on its nutritional benefits through strategic simple communication hierarchies, colour blocking and creativity in communicating at every opportunity without being overwhelming.

The result is a happy, playful design featuring “Yooga” written in a modern, clean font that is literally giving shoppers a welcoming smile, daring them to try something new. Striking colours easily differentiate Yooga’s five flavours: Blueberry, Turmeric Golden Milk, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and Sea Salt Chocolate.

Voicebox transformed Yooga’s lids into statement pieces that emphasise its benefits. “Creamy, Coconut, Finely Milled Chia, Probiotic, Superfood, Yooga” are called out in bold, capital letters in complementary colours that communicate the message affably and effectively.  Yooga’s attributes of being organic, low sugar and low calorie are also highlighted on the lid.

“To introduce a product is one thing,” said Jacques Rossouw, Creative Director at Voicebox, “But introducing one that is disrupting a current category while creating an entirely new one is another. Yooga is an innovative, healthy, playful, creative and daring company – our design team worked tirelessly to create a design that captured its essence and gave a friendly, bold, yet inviting face to the first superfood probiotic coconut yogurt cup to market.”

“Our partnership with Voicebox is invaluable,” said Jody Polishchuk. “To take my vision and the very spirit of Yooga and turn it into a design that isn’t only beautiful to look at but is also effective in stopping consumers in their tracks, quickly educating them on an entirely new product and leaving a positive first impression is what makes Voicebox an incredible branding/design firm.”

Yooga Superfood Yogurt Cups are hitting shelves at select retailers nationally beginning in September,  2018. Yooga’s healthy coconut fats, plant-based Omega-3’s, true probiotics, low sugar and calorie content have the complete composition and look to play and win at shelf in the rapidly growing plant-based yogurt category.

Source: Voicebox

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