Webb deVlam’s VeeTee Brand Refresh Gives Plenty of Food for Thought

Strategic brand design agency Webb deVlam unveils a fresh new brand identity for leading rice company VeeTee, to reposition the range, re-establish its relationship with its target audience of millennials and grow market share.

After ten years in the pre-cooked sector (and 30 years as the UK’s leading independent rice brand), it was decided that VeeTee’s re-heatable rice tray concept needed a makeover to make it stand out on shelf and establish itself as a “hero” product for time-poor, health-conscious millennial foodies.

Webb deVlam has moved VeeTee away from recessive black packaging, making it a stand-out white brand that celebrates its contents through a large window. The use of white also makes a virtue of VeeTee’s unique and pioneering steam-cooking method, which retains the product’s natural white colour and fluffy texture, producing perfect results every time.

Webb deVlam has introduced a much clearer message hierarchy, too, allowing consumers to read the pack and the product benefits instantly. A friendly “tone of voice” segments the range – Rice & Healthy, Rice & Tasty and Rice & Easy – and hits of colour add to the navigation cues. The logo’s bold new typography makes a strong, easy-to-read statement and reflects the brand’s positive personality.

On the Boil

Over a six-month period, Webb deVlam worked closely with VeeTee to help redefine and refresh the brand. At the early stages of the partnership, Webb deVlam ran a ‘co-creation workshop’ with both target consumers and the core VeeTee team. Guiding the group through a series of creative exercises, Webb de Vlam gleaned key insights and reached informed decisions, quickly.

“Using our proprietary Moment of Sale methodology, we helped shine a light on the VeeTee brand, the competitive landscape and overall category to tease out key insights that formed the foundation towards defining the brand and overall refresh,” says JP Hunter, Webb deVlam’s Head of Design.

That Light and Fluffy Feeling… 

VeeTee’s Head of Marketing, Taryn Weeks, says, “I’m very happy with the result. Webb deVlam has breathed new life into the brand, keeping it relevant and differentiating it from its competitors. It’s the refresh we needed and we’re confident that VeeTee will shine on shelf and re-establish its connection with the consumer.”

Source: Webb deVlam

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