The brand’s integrated marketing campaign includes experiential sampling, a celebrity partnership and a mass-reach social media activation

This Pancake Day, Whole Earth is taking the UK’s first squeezy peanut butter, Drizzler, to the streets of Bristol, inspiring more people to try peanut butter on pancakes.

The stunt is part of Whole Earth’s culinary crusade to get peanut butter into the top 10 pancake toppings which currently ranks 15th according to new research* conducted by the category-leading brand.

On Tuesday 21 February, Whole Earth will give away up to 3,000 free bottles of super-smooth and Golden Roasted Drizzler to city goers in the Broadmead area of Bristol.

Despite being one of the nation’s much-loved spreads, survey findings revealed only 6% of Brits favour peanut butter on their pancakes, and less than 2% of people in Bristol chose it as a topping favourite.

The findings backed Whole Earth’s campaign to flip consumer behaviour when it comes to peanut butter as a Pancake Day must-have, enlisting the help of TV chef, Simon Rimmer to spread its message to the nation.

Spearheading the campaign on Whole Earth’s Instagram, Simon is encouraging Brits to squeeze more out of Pancake Day with his Simon Rimmer’s Pancake Day Winners recipes.

Sharing mouth-watering and inventive creations, Simon appears in a video series showcasing Drizzler in banana cheesecake pancakes, and with a twist on peanut butter and jelly.

Rallying peanut butter lovers, Simon Rimmer said:

“Whole Earth’s results found that peanut butter didn’t make the top 10 list for Pancake Day – even though millions of Brits love it. That’s why l’m calling on my fellow peanut butter lovers to join our nutty culinary crusade this Pancake Day to make it a nation’s favourite.”

Whole Earth has made it even easier to add peanut butter to pancakes with its Drizzler peanut butter – the UK’s first squeezy peanut butter with a super smooth texture that is perfect for drizzling all over pancakes.

Nicola Turner at Whole Earth said:

The nation (and Bristol in particular) is truly missing out. Peanut butter isn’t enjoying the spotlight it deserves on Pancake Day. It is perfect for pancakes – and now even easier with our unique squeezy peanut butter, Drizzler. Through our experiential sampling in Bristol, social and media buzz, we’re on a mission to get more people to discover the great taste of peanut butter as a standalone topping or as a combo.”

The campaign also involved a challenge to paid and organic influencers to share their love of peanut butter on pancakes with their own tasty creations, alongside digital advertising and a social media competition.

When it comes to the nation’s favourite toppings; lemon and sugar (61 percent) emerged as the clear favourite, one in four (23 percent) will be enjoying chocolate spread and strawberries, while one in ten (11 percent) are partial to bacon and syrup.

*Research conducted on 9 February 2023 by Prospectus Global, with a nationally representative sample of 2,009 people

Source: Whole Earth

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