WOW Design India Brands Dabur’s Real VOLO

VOLOWOW Design India has partnered with Dabur for the brand creation and packaging design for its new fruit fizzy drink, Real VOLO.

It all started after Prime Minister, Narendra Modi urged cola companies to add fruit juice to their fizzy drinks. The current rules stipulate that a minimum 10% fruit juice or pulp (5% in the case of lemon) is required to be classified as a carbonated fruit beverage. Dabur wanted to extend the brand equity to the new category to tap the new target segment, the youth by introducing the new range of fruit based carbonated drinks. That’s where WOW Design came into picture, right from naming the brand to defining what it would stand for and then developing the visual identity for it.

The concept was carved out from the core understanding of this generation’s attitude. The brand name was derived from the concept and coined as ‘VOLO’ excerpting the initials from the ‘We only live once’ so that it sounds more inclusive to the youth. The team used “V‟ instead of the “WE‟ as that’s how the generation’s chats are and it sounds more inclusive to the TG.

The branding and design had to be more youth centric, catchy, contemporary and competitive to grab the attention of today’s young generation. Inspired by popular art forms such as graffiti, music, adventure etc, the tessellation patterns in the identity denote the different personality facets of today’s young generation.

1467266782Volo_Cranberry_BlueberryjpgThe black circle behind the identity lockup denotes the societal norms and the tessellation glass like pieces bursting out from the fading concentrated circles signify the free spirit of the youth, breaking the barriers of society. The bold fonts, contemporary patterns with seamless integration of the fizz story in a distinct way, are sure to differentiate the pack on the shelf space.

The Exotic flavours led to defining the vibrant colours for the variants contrasting on the steel grey background. An unconventional approach adopted to appeal the young created an individualistic shelf space for VOLO.

A segment which was left out of Real’s portfolio was that of youngsters from 16-25 years of age. This new launch is intended to bring excitement to this growing target segment, therefore it demanded a thorough understanding of, their behaviour, attitude and buying patterns. Decoding the way they live their life and the way they communicate in their social circles and virtual networks was essential to learn in order to define the identity and imagery of the brand.

Capturing the essence of the brand’s core proposition of a striking blend of exotic fruit juices with sparkling fizz was imperative yet had to be communicated in a manner to the young TG to be able fosters the attitude of choosing something different. Hence the brand identity and imagery had to reflect the contemporary ideas and concept that the youth believe in.

Kumar Mayank, Dabur said, “I was thoroughly impressed by the systematic approach that WOW design had to the whole process. We have launched Real VOLO and the pack sits pretty in the clutter of cans on the shelf. Its unique in its design, has a vibrant shelf throw and rightly captures the brand ethos. We are very satisfied and happy with the result.”

VOLO 2Deepti Kshirsagar, Partner and Executive director – WOW Design said, “I won‟t say that the Youth today lives a carefree life. They live it more on their terms and also believe in voicing out their opinions and are strong headed in their attitude. The youth love to experiment and hence it’s challenging to emulate a brand for the youth. We got into several rounds of deliberation, research and surveys that led to decoding their responsiveness towards relevant stimuli in terms of imagery, colours and tonality. Our team has been able to hit the nail right on the spot for VOLO, I would say!”

Saswata Das, Partner and Executive Director – WOW Design said, “Dabur wanted to extend the Real brand lineage to expand consumption occasions and widen the consumer base. The plan was to introduce an exotic fruit drink with fizz in the canned format. We had to explore the category to understand youth’s interaction with beverages, their consumption patterns and thus find the right fitment and appeal of a fruit-fizz canned juice. The way today‟s young generation look at life is very different from the traditional way of our ancestors lived their life. The budding minds of today believe in seizing every moment and enjoy the present. They pursue what they like and have the courage to take up every challenge with a positive attitude.”

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