YO! Sushi Abandons Branding for Pride in London 2018

YO! Sushi, the Japanese street food and sushi restaurant, has removed all labels from its High Street Kensington restaurant front, website and social media platforms to celebrate Pride in London and the LGBTQ+ community, in a campaign devised by Fortnight Collective.

YO! has listened to its employees and recent research commissioned by Pride in London #PrideMatters which uncovered that the LGBTQ+ community feel they are ‘over-labelled’. The study highlighted that there is a growing number of people across the UK who do not feel they fit into the classic identities that society has defined for them.

Fixed identities, classic definitions and labels has never been YO!’s thing. YO! has always been focused on creating a workforce that is truly representative of our society and building an environment that respects the diversity of their employees, enabling them to achieve their full potential. YO! hopes its ‘No Labels. Just Pride.’ campaign will initiate a much-needed conversation around not labelling people and will encourage the nation to celebrate what pride is really about.

Polly Shute, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Pride in London said: “Partnering with Pride means putting your money where your mouth is and committing to the cause. Ditching labels and branding is a brave step and we are excited to have such a bold brand partner with us this year.”

Richard Hodgson, CEO of YO! said: “We have always prided ourselves on our diverse values and have always strived to be respectful, unconventional, colourful and confident, or RUCC as we call it. At YO! we are passionate about inclusivity and individualism, which is why we are so excited and honoured to be involved in this year’s Pride in London. We hope our ‘No labels. Just Pride.’ campaign helps raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community.”

As a proud sponsor of Pride in London, YO!’s team members and key executives, including the CEO will be part of the vibrant parade celebrations on Saturday 7th July.

Across Pride in London month, YO! will also introduce a special Pride deal offering seven different coloured plates for £20, and £1 from each purchase will be donated to the UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON). The offer is available in a selection of London restaurants until 8th July 2018 before rolling out across the UK in other Pride cities.

Source: Little Black Book

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