Absolut & Brand Union Unveils Redesign of Iconic Bottle


Absolut is introducing a redesign of its iconic bottle shape, the first time it has been updated since its launch in 1979.

Brand Union worked with calligrapher Luca Barcellona and engraver Martin Mörck on the design of the new bottle, which features more clearly defined shoulders, and a sleeker neck and body.

Absolut_Icon4A significant part of the design is the addition of a large engraved A on the back of the bottle, creating a new icon for the Pernod Ricard-owned vodka brand. It also features a refreshed two-line logo, a new script, and a redesigned medallion picturing Lars Olsson Smith, the founder of Absolut.

Absolut_Icon3Commenting on the new bottle design, Peder Clason, global brand strategy director at Absolut, said:

“The Absolut bottle has been iconic for several generations; now it’s time to make the next bold statement for Absolut. Our goal has been to transform an already perfect bottle to make it even better. We were extremely privileged to work with the very best creatives within their discipline. The new bottle maintains everything what Absolut Vodka is about—it’s bold, original and creative, making it ready to face the future.”

The new bottle will roll out globally in autumn/winter 2015.


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