Alcohol Brands Failing On Social Video Marketing

Screen-Shot-2012-09-03-at-3.19.06-PMA report into social video marketing has found that the alcohol industry is failing to adequately optimise content for the social web, with 97 per cent of ad shares in the last quarter coming from four adverts alone.

The report from Unruly – Untapped Potential, The State of Sharing in the Alcohol Sector – found Budweiser’s ‘Brotherhood’ ad for the Superbowl, a controversial ad from Russian vodka brand Neft and ads for Carlsberg and Heineken had been the main players.

Big drinks brands such as Diageo and SAB Miller were reported to be lagging behind, while wine brands attracting just one per cent of sharing activity across the last two quarters.

beer_caps_by_tommylee210-d42ae03Insight director at Unruly, Ian Forrester, said: “The research found that some of the big alcohol brands – and subsectors – are vastly under performing in social video.

“For wine and spirit brands, the opportunity to increase brand awareness and sales conversion rates through social video is huge, as there has been very little mass movement from these brands in creating shareable video content.

“Additionally, leading brands like Diageo and SAB Miller that have very strong market share are lagging behind competitors when it comes to social video share of voice.”

The report revealed alcohol brands accounted for 47.1 per cent of total FMCG/CPG shares in Q1 2013, helping to drive a 78.2 per cent quarter-on-quarter increase in the overall sector. It also reported the top 10 alcohol ads averaged two minutes and 16 seconds long.

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