Bacardí Rum Shakes up the Dark Spirits World with the Launch of New Bacardí Cuatro

Bacardí rum introduced Bacardí Añejo Cuatro (“four” in Spanish paying homage to the brand’s Cuban roots). The new premium rum is barrel-aged, undisturbed under the Caribbean sun, for a minimum of four years and has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey.

As the luxury trend within the spirits industry continues to grow, more and more, spirits enthusiasts are looking to trade-up and are expecting more premium, exceptional experiences. While rum was often only thought of as a spirit to be mixed in tropical drinks, Bacardí Cuatro will shed that image and introduce consumers to a more sophisticated, complex side of rum.

Bacardí is one of the oldest and most respected rum brands in the world, with more than 156 years of history and heritage. For the family-owned brand, rum is more than about business, it’s personal as a family name is proudly displayed on every bottle – as exemplified through generations of expert craftsmanship and authenticity, Bacardí has all the ingredients, deep history, and heritage to lead the premiumisation of the rum category.

Bacardí Cuatro has been created in collaboration with Bacardí rums deeply knowledgeable Maestros de Ron (Master Blenders), who shape and craft all the products in the Bacardí portfolio. The brand’s Maestros de Ron are carefully chosen and trained under the stewardship of seven generations of rum-making expertise.

Bacardí premium rums are barrel aged undisturbed in tropical climates for a minimum of the number of years stated on the labels. Maturation occurs faster in warmer regions, which means Bacardí rums tend to age faster than most whiskies, which are typically aged in cooler climates. Bacardí rums often boast the same level of depth and character as a whisky that is aged twice or three times as long.

Source: Bacardí

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