Bacardi’s First Person Viewpoint Zombie Cocktail Film will Get You Thirsty for Nightmares

Halloween costume and party planning has already begun, and BACARDÍ is packing a punch with its latest creative campaign full of frights and delights.

All summer, BACARDÍ celebrated its campaign, “Do What Moves You,” but come Halloween, they’ll make people move in a different way: making them jump out of their seats with a spooky new Halloween cocktail film reminiscent of old school horror flicks.

More than your top-down recipe video, BACARDÍ’s Halloween cocktail film draws inspiration from horror classics like The Shining, The Ring, Saw and Psycho – so viewers can really get in spirit as they mix up libations fit for the occasion.

The film by BBDO New York, transports viewers into a first-person POV of someone inserting a mysterious video tape (aptly marked with the brand’s bat logo) that plays instructions for the creepy BACARDÍ Zombie cocktail using jarring, horror-inspired props and camera techniques.

The tension really escalates when the character from the tape suddenly appears in the living room with the viewer, creating a thriller within a thriller. A very delicious, very haunted Halloween cocktail waits on the other side for viewers who dare to watch the full video.

Source: Little Black Book

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