Ben & Jerry’s Launches New Gimme S’more Flavour On Facebook Live

There’s just something about a s’more. Maybe it’s smooshing the graham crackers around the toasted marshmallow or wiping melting chocolate off your face after taking a big bite.

To harness the deliciousness of this campfire favourite, Ben & Jerry’s created Gimme S’more, an ice cream take on a classic dessert experience. Join Ben & Jerry’s via Facebook Live for a flame-worthy digital launch unlike any other.

Fans may ask, what makes Gimme S’more different from other s’more-inspired flavours (including current flavour S’mores)? Toasted marshmallow ice cream and a chocolate cookies swirl! Gimme S’more features a toasted marshmallow ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls, graham cracker swirls & fudge flakes. Ben & Jerry’s has swapped out the chocolate base for a brand new toasted marshmallow ice cream.

“The toasted marshmallow ice cream base adds a new level and depth of flavour,” said Flavour Guru, Eric Fredette. “We’re constantly looking at how we can take our flavours to the next level and this was a great way to do just that.” Fans are sure to find this iteration indulgent!”

Gimme S’more rolls out to retailers and Scoop Shops US-wide in mid-March for an MSRP of $4.89.  To find the flavour near you, check out Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Locator. Gimme S’more will also be available online here.

Source: Ben & Jerry’s

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