Biles Hendry Designs ‘Comuna’ for Bibendum

Biles Hendry was asked by leading UK wine distributor and producer Bibendum to create a new range of Argentinian wine, consisting of a Pinot Grigio and a Malbec.

Buenos Aires is separated into 15 districts (or Communes) giving rise to the range name, and the wine seeks to capture the unique spirit and personality of Argentina’s capital city. Each district has its own distinctive character and story to tell. For example, Comuna No.3 is considered to be the birthplace of tango in the 1890s.

The design shows a couple dancing, caught in an embrace and capturing Latin passion. The illustration style, and associated hand lettering and filigree, takes its lead from the street posters promoting night clubs and bars seen all over the city. The result is label that disrupts the shelf, provides impact and interest, whilst retaining authenticity and provenance.

The wines have been launched in time for Christmas and are available throughout the UK in supermarkets, retailing at around £7.

Source: Biles Hendry

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