Bud Light Goes Green to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The last thing that springs to mind when someone mentions the dewy rolling hills and tranquil pastures of Ireland, is Bud Light. But this St. Patrick’s Day, the light beer brand is determined to take things seriously, with a bottle inspired by Ireland’s rich history and traditions.

Designed by FCB/RED – the retail division of FCB Chicago – the bottle includes accurately translated Gaelic writing in place of the classic Bud Light banner, Celtic knots steeped in traditional Irish folklore and the original three-leafed shamrock instead of the incorrect four-leaf clover that’s so common today.

Even the colour of the bottle was inspired by the hue of the grass in the Killarney Hills. The exclusive bottles are available in select bars over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

“When consumers think of Ireland, Bud Light is typically not the first beer that comes to mind,” says chief creative officer Liz Taylor. “It was important for us to create something authentic and meaningful – beyond a green bottle – so that light beer drinkers can be equally proud of their brew on St. Patrick’s Day.”

“We’re confident that any Bud Light drinkers will be relieved on St. Patrick’s Day, knowing that they can feel authentically Irish, without having to do anything crazy like drink stout,” said Stacey Mikula, senior brand director, Bud Light Innovation.

Source: Little Black Book

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