Budweiser Hunts for Buskers in Global Talent Search Backed by Jay Z & Rihanna

Budweiser is on a global hunt for undiscovered musical talent and is trawling the streets and subways of cities including London and New York to create the “ultimate busker band”, in a campaign backed by global superstars Jay Z and Rihanna.

The lager brand is launching the initiative, which spans 85 countries, under the banner ‘Budweiser Made for Music’. At its heart is a six-part series, which will culminate in a performance at the Budweiser Made in America Festival on 30 August, an event being curated by Jay Z.

Fronting the global talent search are British folk musician Jamie N Commons and New York band X Ambassadors, whose single ‘Jungle’ will be re-recorded by the newly created busker band.

Budweiser has produced a trailer promoting the scheme, which it has posted on YouTube.

The series will then join the action as Jamie N Commons and co search various global destinations for busking brilliance – London on 4 August, New York on 12 August, Philadelphia on 19 August and Rio de Janeiro on 26 August. The final two episodes will show the resulting busker band rehearsing and then performing at the Made in America Festival.

Jay Z’s involvement in Budweiser Made for Music is the subject of a YouTube video.

Rihanna’s involvement with the project is flagged up in the following short film.

Camilo Durana, Budweiser’s global director of sports and entertainment, said: “Music’s ability to inspire millions of people around the world every day can come from unknown but passionate artists like these street musicians, as easily as it can from global icons like Jay Z and Rihanna.

“We’re proud to celebrate that this year by giving fans access to all levels of artists dedicated to pursuing their craft with passion and creativity.”

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