Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar challenges taste perceptions in new campaign

Cadbury Dairy Milk, one of the UK’s favourite chocolate bar, successfully added Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar to its range earlier in 2019, with the product hitting shelves in July.

The introduction of the new bar was the three-year achievement of over 20 scientists, nutritionists and chocolatiers to achieve 30% less sugar with no artificial sweeteners – and most importantly a truly irresistible taste.

The new addition marks the most significant innovation in the brand’s history, and is available now alongside the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk, in both a small tablet and single bar. 

Cadbury’s creative agency, VCCP, have created the product’s first ad campaign which entices consumers to try the product and convert them to the belief that low sugar chocolate can be just as irresistible as classic chocolate.

Working with renowned still life photographer, Felicity McCabe, VCCP shot an empty packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar, accompanied by the campaign line “Just as irresistible”.

The bold, simple creative is a visual affirmation that the bar is deliciously tasty, with the empty wrapper testament to the pleasure inside. This, while remaining iconically and undeniably Cadbury.

Katrina Davison, Cadbury Brand Manager, said: “We are very proud to be offering more choices to consumers and we love the bold simplicity of the work that we’ve created with VCCP to celebrate this significant launch for us.”

The campaign will run across YouTube, Digital & Static Outdoor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and print.

Source: VCCP

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