Carlsberg Creates Probably the Best Pie in the World in Latest Campaign by TBWA\Auckland

TBWA\Auckland and global brewing masters Carlsberg have taken things to a whole new level, creating probably the best pie in the world right here in New Zealand.

Kiwis are huge pie fans. According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, the average New Zealander eats 15 pies a year (collectively, that’s 66 million!). Building on this pie love, Carlsberg and TBWA gave the good old Kiwi Steak & Cheese an upgrade.

Partnering with local pie royalty, Heaven Scent Food Co, they created a recipe using grass-fed Angus beef, marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices and cooked low and slow in a Carlsberg stock and a medley of summer vegetables. The buttery, savoury short pastry is made with Carlsberg’s malted barley, and – to ensure no beer ingredient is left out – there’s even yeast extract under the New Zealand Emmental cheese on top.

The origin of the project links back to the pH scale, which Carlsberg invented over 100 years ago in 1909, It revolutionised the Carlsberg brewing process and countless other fields, including agriculture. Farmers today use the pH scale to measure the quality of their soil when producing the finest meat and vegetables and it is these ingredients that have gone into the creation of the Carlsberg pie, along with the beer itself.

Executive Creative Director TBWA Christy Peacock said: “Our challenge was to bring Carlsberg’s discovery of the pH scale to life in a way that would appeal to a younger, male beer drinker. We needed an experiential idea that would take the beer and the pH scale to them, so we decided making probably the best pie in the world was the sweet spot. The idea needed to live where these guys do so we created a fully integrated, multi-channel campaign. Many late nights of beer and pie tasting were needed to crack the perfect recipe.”

Independent Liquor Group Marketing Manager Anna Lawrence added: “TBWA created a fully integrated experiential campaign in response to our brief – video content, street posters, radio integration, social media, experiential and we have received a huge amount of PR, driven by TBWA Group’s Eleven PR. Our media partner OMD delivered all paid media placement and the project has been a huge success.”

Source: Campaign Brief New Zealand

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