Cereal Partners Worldwide Rebrands its FITNESS Breakfast Cereals Range with FutureBrand

FITNESS breakfast cereals is repositioning the brand to better meet consumers’ evolving needs after two decades of strong growth.

The redesign, by FutureBrand, will also be implemented to the Nestlé portfolio of FITNESS products, namely cereal based snacks and dairy.

Philippe Nougaret, global marketing manager at Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestlé & General Mills JV), which is the company behind FITNESS breakfast cereals, states “The brand went through a significant repositioning in order to strengthen consumer relevance & this new visual identity is an essential part of it. It communicates the new energy positioning in an obvious manner while keeping and reinterpreting some of the strong visual assets that the brand has built throughout the years. It tested extremely well in research both ensuring strong findability and shoppability amongst current brand loyalists and driving significantly stronger appeal amongst non-users.”

FutureBrand was awarded the opportunity to develop a new identity system to signal the new positioning of “nutritious energy,” which was a fundamental shift, and to engage consumers with a dynamic design that captures the feeling of energy.

“The redesign encapsulates the brand idea of tasty, nutritious energy and marks a new era for the brand. It reinforces the proposition of energy, while creating a distinct, vibrant expression for the brand to relaunch and grow from,” said Marshall Ward, Senior Vice President for FutureBrand.

Marie-Thérèse Cassidy, Executive Creative Director of FutureBrand London added: “To reflect the evolving consumer attitude towards health and wellness we shifted the focus from the female figure towards a more optimistic and joyful expression of energy and taste. We gently modernized the FITNESS wordmark and locked it up with a more animated silhouette. Both are underpinned with the product story of nutritious energy. The new brand mark is framed with a wave, which through colour, texture and beautiful photography we celebrate taste and enjoyment in a multi sensorial way. The personality of the wave adapts to reflect different taste experience of products throughout their ever-growing portfolio.”

Source: FutureBrand

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