China’s Space Programme Celebrated by PepsiCo in Chinese New Year Film by Civilization

“Bring Happiness Home” is a multi-year, multi-brand Chinese New Year campaign by PepsiCo, now in its eighth year. For 2019’s instalment, Civilization Shanghai pitched a story inspired by China’s burgeoning space programme.

“We drew the initial inspiration from the lives of China’s first two female astronauts, Yang Liu and Ya-Ping Wang,” explains Civilization co-founder Andrew Lok. “Working closely with the brand team and with the production team headed by acclaimed film director Peter Chan, we created a three-handed narrative focussing on three different familial relationships that would resonate with our audience during the Chinese New Year.”

Conceptualised, produced, shot, edited and scored over a period of more than three months, “Reach for the Stars” is PepsiCo’s nod towards a Chinese nation that is coming into its own again after 40 years of unprecedented growth that has lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty. 

“I was born in Shanghai in the year China opened up its economy to the world,” says Civilization co-founder Alex Xie. “I have seen my world transform in front of my eyes, and now PepsiCo has given us an incredible opportunity to show the next step of how my country is fulfilling every human’s desire to explore and voyage into the unknown. This is a mission I held in my heart throughout the production of this film.”

The film was released as the key pillar of an integrated campaign, and was timed to coincide with China historic landing of a space probe onto the far side of the moon. Another example of art imitating life and vice versa.

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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