Co-Partnership Brands A Smooth Local from Australia’s Byron Bay

The Brook family have been farming Macadamia’s on their farm in the Byron hinterland since the 1980’s. In 2016 they launched Brookie’s Bryon Dry Gin, their first brand devoted to sharing Australia’s finest native ingredients one spirit at a time. Their positioning, ‘It’s in our nature’ talks to their values of rainforest conservation and natural ingredients. But there was another side to their nature…

Mac by Brookie’s is a roasted Macadamia nut and Wattle seed liqueur (essentially the native Australian version of Frangelico). Inspired by the friendly hand gesture known as a ‘shaka’ – one of the most common ways to communicate in Bryon – Co-Partnership created an icon for Mac that encapsulates the cool, laid back vibe of Byron Bay, closely inspired by a Budda hand holding a simple depiction of a Macadamia branch.

The inspiration for the look and feel was inspired by the simple graphics of 60’s & 70’s surf culture, such as the iconic poster for the now legendary surf film; ‘The Endless Summer’. Copy and tone of voice played an important part in bringing to life the brand personality, bringing a smile to the mind with phrases such as ‘Mix up a little somethin’ somethin’ and ‘A smooth local from Byron Bay’.

In addition, it was important to the brief to educate the consumer on ways to mix the nut liqueur, so the design experts created icons to share cocktail recipes using the correct glassware for added clarity.

The rainforest illustration on the capsule speaks to the family’s commitment to Australian rainforest restoration, whilst adding personality by referencing a Hawaiian shirt, another nod to the relaxed beach vibe of Byron Bay. The colours and foil chosen for this design speak to the flavour of the product and the uneven edges reinforce the brand’s natural qualities.

A versatile little nutter, Mac captures the laid-back easy-going nature of Byron Bay and personality of the local community. “Mix up a little somethin’ somethin’.”

Source: Co-Partnership

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