Cyber Food is Here to Stay, and its Swedish!


For the launch of one of Sweden’s largest grocery chains – Hemköp – new e-commerce concept, M&C Saatchi Stockholm decided to keep things simple.

mockup_hemlagat_tomato_mindreAs Hemköp is last of the major Swedish grocery stores to try their luck on the e-commerce scene, the campaign’s main focus was to communicate that with Hemköp, pricing and range are always the same online as offline.

So what does food from the internet look like?

Well, if you ask M&C Saatchi Stockholm and Hemköp, it looks like something straight out of Pacman or Minecraft.

To illustrate how food ordered online is same same but different, digital counterparts now accompany the products featured in Hemköp’s everyday FMCG-ads. And if you’d happen to visit Sweden right about now, keep an eye out for cyber food from hemköp while on the subway or reading the daily newspapers.

Source: M&C Saatchi Stockholm

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