Doritos Challenges Unilad to Prove Their Boldness with #FromAtoBold Challenge

Doritos is launching a new digital content campaign on Thursday 8th June #FromAtoBold, as part of its ‘For the Bold’ brand proposition.

Doritos is partnering with Unilad, one of the biggest global platforms for breaking news and shareable, relatable content, to take on a ‘bold festival challenge’. The challenge will see Unilad recruit two social influencers, Goubtube and Jahannah James, who are tasked to travel from Edinburgh to the Isle of Wight festival in 36 hours but with no money and only a series of BOLD challenges to win them the quickest route possible.

Throughout the journey they will be presented with two very different cards, ‘A or Bold’. The influencers could either go with an A card which guarantees them a mundane and lengthy mode of transport which may jeopardise their chances of getting to the Isle of Wight. Or they could opt to complete a ‘bold challenge’ where the influencers will be rewarded for going Bold. These challenges will be documented in real time via Twitter and Instagram Stories.

If the social influencers complete the challenge and make it to the Isle of Wight within the 36 hour window they will join a Facebook Live stream from Doritos and Unilad from the festival itself on Friday evening. During the Facebook Live, festival goers will be asked to take on their own bold challenges; if they succeed, their prizes will include VIP passes, up-graded camping and packets of Doritos.

Zoe Plummer, Digital Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, comments: “We are excited to team up with Unilad for our latest digital campaign. The #FromAtoBold campaign is another example of how we look to engage the Doritos target audience through digital by partnering with scale, relevant partners to produce thumb-stopping content. Through the Facebook Live stream, we’re also challenging groups of friends to step out of their comfort zone to prove their boldness for the possibility of a positive reward, which is the very essence of being bold.”

The whole activity will be filmed and edited into videos which will be rolled out across social media channels.

Source: PepsiCo

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